Coming Home

by: Nancy Adams, Moderator

Whenever I’ve been away having fun on a vacation, it doesn’t matter how long or short a time I’ve been away, I always feel happy when I get home. It’s a feeling of comfort and safety to me. I feel that way whenever I have missed going to Church, even if it is only one Sunday. When I get to Church I feel like I’m coming home. All of you are my Church family, and I feel that same sense of comfort, safety and satisfaction from all of you and the Lord.

It saddens me to think about all of our Church members who can’t make it to be with their Church family, to go to their Church home anymore, either because of health issues, no longer having a means to get here, or perhaps those who have moved away for whatever the reason. However, we do have reasons to rejoice.

  • We have a Pastor that visits our shut-ins and those in the hospital.
  • We have our Dorcas Circle reaching out, not only to our own members who are now shut-ins, but also reaching out to those at Libertyville Manor and Winchester House, reminding them that they are still loved by God and by us.
  • We have dedicated, caring members giving rides to those who need a way to get to Church, who need a way to come to their Church home.
  • For those far away, we have our Beacon and our Facebook links that can help them still feel a part of us.
  • We have a wonderful congregation that greets and reaches out to newcomers to make them feel comfortable, to make them feel at home, too.

We are blessed to have so many loving people in our Church who are serving the Lord. Thank you all for being my Church family, my home away from home.