Note that a message stating ‘Video Not Available’ will be displayed until the time that worship begins. If you get that message after the appointed start time, try refreshing your page (CTRL+R)

On Sunday, September 12th, CPC will be hosting a Homecoming Celebration and we invite you, our church family, to join us for this opportunity to reconnect with God and each other.We are aware that the pandemic is still very much with us and remains a threat to be reckoned with. With all due precautions being observed, we believe that it is reasonably safe for those who wish to worship with us in-person to do so. We are also aware that there are those who, for various reasons, are not yet ready to be a part of a stationary group indoors. We are planning this celebration with both groups in mind, in the hopes that a well-distanced, completely outdoor celebration and picnic with box lunches provided by Panera would appeal to the more risk-averse among us. We will provide ample travel time (30 minutes) from the end of the service before any formal programming begins in order to allow our online worshippers time to arrive, so please do make the effort.Schedule for Sunday, September 12th
9:30 AM – Worship (in-person or online here)
10:45 AM – Homecoming Celebration on the church grounds 

You may join us IN-PERSON at CPC provided that you:

  1. Do not have COVID or its symptoms,
  2. Have no reason to be quarantined,
  3. Wear a face mask at all times (regardless of vaccination status – for now) and practice social distancing.